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RV Trade-In & Upgrade

Ready for an upgrade? Trade in or sell your old unit for the new RV of your dreams today! Don’t know where to begin? We’ll make the process as smooth as possible. Simply input your information in the form above and receive a free quote from us instantly. Prepare to sell your RV and browse new travel trailer, fifth wheel or folding camper models. Still have questions? Contact us today.

Helpful Tips & Tricks

We'll be the first to admit, the trade-in process can be a bit confusing no matter how long you've been RVing. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help simplify your experience:

  • Clean it! Nobody likes a mess. When you clean your RV, you’re putting your best foot forward and ensuring your unit is valued for what it’s worth.
  • Keep up with routine maintenance and bring in documentation of oil changes, tune-ups and other services you’ve done. Got behind on RV maintenance? Schedule an RV service appointment today at Tri-Am RV Center!
  • If you’ve got a minor problem such as a burned-out light bulb or a broken hinge, fix it! Making these fine-tuned adjustments to your unit can help you get the best potential appraisal possible. Note that you won’t want to address any major issues because you’ll be unlikely to recoup the cost.
  • Finally, be detailed when relaying information about your unit to the appraiser. There’s no such thing as too much information when it comes to your RV’s records and status.

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