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  • Published on Sep 13, 2015

    RV Tire Care and Maintenance

    As you can see from the video, there might be a time when you find yourself stuck in a complicated situation in your RV.  Whether it be stuck in the sand, stuck in the mud, or stuck in the snow.  No matter what your situation and how you manage to get out of it, chances are there is going to be some minor damage and wear and tear to your RV, specifically your tires, as you try your hardest to relieve yourself of the situation before calling for help. Well, we’re here to give you some pointers on RV tire care and maintenance so that you can do your best to keep your RV’s tires in tip top shape, outside of sticky situations. 

    1. Choosing the right tires
        Every RV has certain types of tires that are needed that are compatible for your vehicle.  The weight load of the tires need to match the capacity of the wheel.  Most dealerships will take care of this for you when buying or servicing your RV, but if you are purchasing outside a dealership you may have to look into this on your own. The RV’s owners manual can give you an idea of what type of load capacity your wheels can take. 
        Also, don’t mix the type of tires you put on your RV. Tires with different construction, size and tread wear can affect the performance of your vehicle.  Just make sure that the same type of tire is put on the same axle and they will wear and ride the same. 

    2. Maintenance
        Proper tire maintenance is essential to get the most out of the lifetime of them.  Keeping your wheels balanced is part of proper maintenance.  Unbalanced tires can wear excessively on the high spots causing uneven tread wear and can also cause shaky driving conditions.  Make sure to always have your tires balanced when you purchase new or used tires, have your tires rotated, or after you have any repair work done especially in the case of a flat. 
        Keeping your RV aligned is also a must in maintenance.  It is essential for the wear of your tires and can prolong their life.  Misalignment can be caused by an out of whack suspension from hitting potholes, curbs, running over things in the road you should, and so on.  So just remember to avoid any road hazards while driving. 

    3. Preparations for Traveling
        Check your tire pressure.  Keeping your tires filled properly can help maintain the life of your tires and helps with traction control and handling. Check the pressure when your tires are “cold” meaning not after you have been driving for long periods of time.  Check the pressure of the tires that are carrying the heaviest load and make sure to fill all of the tires on the same axle to the same pressure.  If you need to know how much pressure is needed for your type of RV and weight load, refer to your owners manual.  
        Temperature can also affect  your tire pressure.  Hotter temperatures can increase the air pressure by 2% for every 10 degree F increase in temperature.  The same goes for colder temperatures; a 2% decrease for every 10 degree drop.  

    4. Tire Repair and Replacement
        For any of your tire repair or replacement needs, visit Tri-Am RV in Ocala, FL and Bulls Gap, TN for all of your RV service needs.  Visit our website for more information, 

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