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  • Published on Aug 15, 2015
    Hazards of Camping in the Back Country

    Dangers of Hiking in the Back Country

    If you are an outdoor enthusiast, taking on new challenges in trails and terrain is probably your way of thrill-seeking.  But taking your excursions “off the beaten path” can have its hazards.  Here are a few of the dangers of hiking in the backcountry. 


    The main one for any type of hiking, camping, biking situation is the weather.  Mother Nature can be unpredictable at times and can take even the most experienced excursionist off guard.  The most dangerous part about weather is the lightning.  It can be deadly if you are one of the unlucky ones to get struck.  Although your chances of getting hit by lighting ( 1 in 700,000) are less than winning the lottery, it is still important to know what precautions to make when caught in a storm.  Stay away from trees and other tall objects, especially stand-alone trees, and take shelter as soon as possible.  It’s important to remember that if you can hear thunder then you are within 10 miles of a storm.

    Extreme heat and cold can also be a danger when camping or hiking outdoors.  But, since its summer, we’ll focus on the heat.  Spending countless hours outdoors in the summer can take a toll on your body.  Make sure you have plenty of water on hand and stay hydrated.  Take as many breaks as you need during outdoor activities and find shade when available.  During the summer months, the heat is the most extreme from 10am-4pm, so avoid any overexertion during peak heat times if you think you might have an issue. 


    There’s no avoiding it, bugs are going to inhabit your camping and hiking areas wherever you go.  From ticks and bees, to snakes and spiders; the best way to prevent any bites or stings is to educate yourself.  Before heading out on any camping or hiking trip, research the type of insects that inhabit the area.  Knowing what you need to pack for will hopefully save on any trips to the emergency room. 

    Ticks are abundant in heavily wooded or tall grassy areas. So if you are going to be camping or trekking through any of these areas its best to wear long pants and tuck them into your socks to avoid crawling under your clothing.  Keep a pair of tweezers in your first aid kid in case you do get a tick bite or bee sting.

    Mountain Men

    No, I’m not talking about the man on the Brawny paper towels rolls. I’m talking about people that choose to live among nature and could be considered “hermits” of a sort.  These people usually tend to hang out and live in heavily wooded areas and mountainous terrain where they can seclude themselves from the rest of society.  They usually tend to stay out of your way but will sometimes forage campsites for food and leftovers.  Most do not mean any harm, so it’s best to just acknowledge them and keep moving if you ever encounter wanderer.  However, don’t ignore them because you never know who is lurking in the woods. 

    No matter where you are spending your time outdoors, there are always precautions to take to keep yourself and your family and friends safe at all times.  Hopefully these tips will help you with the most common and uncommon of situations.


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