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  • Published on Nov 04, 2015
    Why We Love Tailgating

    It's no secret that athletic events would not be what they are today if it weren't for tailgating. This pregame tradition is as essential for the fans as pregame warmups are for the team. Here are Tri-Am RV Center, we have teams to root for during the football and baseball seasons, so we realize that tailgating cannot be taken seriously enough. Here are a few reasons why we love this tradition as much as we do



    If you’re from SEC territory like us, you know that tailgating is as much a part of an athletic event as the game itself. Do you ever wonder how this tradition got started? Tailgating actually finds its earliest roots all the way back to the chuck wagon days in the 1860’s. Back then, chuck wagons were used to transport food for traveling workers like cowboys and cattle hands.

    When it was time to eat the men would unfold the back of the wagon and gather round to eat. That sounds about right! Not long before this, during the beginning of the Civil War, it was said that civilians would travel from DC to the battle grounds to watch and cheer for their team while enjoying picnics, at a safe distance of course. This was said to be the first time people cheered while eating. Allegedly, the first American football game ever played, between Princeton and Rutgers in 1869, was the first sporting event where athletes and fans alike wore identifying colors to represent their teams. This is where we get our sense of team spirit. The combination of chuck wagons, cheering while eating, and dressing to show team loyalty is where we get the earliest forms of tailgating. Obviously, the tradition has made leaps and bounds-- both for safety and technology-- since the 1860’s, but these early practices helped set the stage  for one of the most beloved traditions in sports today.



    The only thing better than hosting at home is hosting a tailgate. Few things compare to being able to provide a place for people to visit, grab a drink or a snack, and have fun some before the game starts. Tailgating is unique in that while having a tailgate you are technically hosting, but you are not at your actual home. Herein lies the reason to tailgate with an RV. You have all the comfortable benefits that come with being at your home, but you are also mobile and won’t miss out on the pre-game energy that fills the parking lots surrounding the stadium. You are able to keep your food hot and fresh instead of in a cooler. You can escape the crowd for a moment by going inside if need be. You don’t have to fight the terrible lines of public restrooms. It really is the best of both worlds! RV tailgating provides all the more reason to welcome fans over to your tailgate and, dare I say, show off a little bit… convert random passersby into RV believers!



    Tailgating is the one time when it is socially acceptable, and encouraged, to give and receive food and drinks from complete strangers. There are blogs and cookbooks dedicated entirely to recipes for tasty tailgating treats. Whether it’s BBQ sliders, chips and salsa, brownie bites or hot dogs, food is the staple of pregame tailgating. Some strategic fans will plan to eat and drink before going into the stadium to avoid those outrageous costs. Many fans will theme their dishes to comply with team colors and mascots. For example, Tiger Brownies are and LSU favorite, Pigs in a Blanket are a hit at the University of Arkansas, and the orange color of Mac and Cheese bites make them a Tennessee Vol’s delicacy. Tailgating gives everyone an excuse to day drink and overindulge on game-day goodies. After all, it’s tradition.



    As if standing outside the stadium eating, drinking, and catching up with old friends and new acquaintances isn’t entertaining enough, pre-game games have become quite the hit at many tailgates. Most of these games are “fan-proof”, meaning they can be enjoyed by fans after a beverage or two, or ten. Cornhole, or bags, is one of the most simple games in tailgate history. Fans love to paint the wooden hole with team colors. Though it requires a little more setup, horseshoes is another crowd favorite. And maybe there’s just something about being on a college campus that makes people channel the inner college student, but for whatever reason beer pong is always a hit at tailgates. Whatever the game of choice, it is always a crowd pleaser to have a simple activity for your visitors to enjoy before the actual game begins.



    Though there are several contributing factors that make tailgating great, they all pale in comparison to the overwhelming sense of camaraderie that exists in tailgating territory. Few things unite strangers like the shared interest of an athletic team. There’s just something about spotting a fellow fan, decked in your team’s colors, that instantly connects you with a stranger. Camaraderie defies all age, gender, racial, socioeconomic, and political differences and brings people together for the common good: the support and affinity for a given sports team. It is through camaraderie that you find yourself high-fiving, hugging, and sharing food and drink with people you otherwise may never interact with. If it weren’t for camaraderie, there would be no reason to tailgate. Camaraderie is the foundation on which tailgating tradition is laid.


    Tri-Am RV

    These are just a few of the many reasons we love tailgating. If you find yourself traveling into Tennessee or Florida to tailgate for your favorite teams, do stop in and see us at Tri-Am RV. We would love to hear about your tailgating experience and help you get what you need to plan for the upcoming games!

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