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  • Published on Feb 15, 2016
    Weirdest American Museums

    The definition of weird refers to something that is strange, odd, uncanny, creepy or unusual.  Many people are fascinated by all things “weird” and have developed a collection of their favorite unusual things and started museums based on their collections.  Pretty much anything you can think of that would be the strangest thing to build a museum around, people have made; and we’ve got a list of a few of the top visited weirdest American museums.


    1. Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia- Not so much a weird museum as it is an interesting museum.  Pez candy itself was invented in the 1920’s  but the first dispenser was made in 1948 and was made to resemble a cigarette lighter to encourage people to eat candy instead of smoking. The first “character” dispensers were introduced in the 50’s and over the decades have included iconic figures such as Chewbacca from Star Wars, Kermit the Frog from the Muppets, and the king himself, Elvis.  The museum in Burlingame, CA features every pez dispenser ever made, which is over 900 total dispensers.  It even includes hard to find and limited edition dispensers such as the Donkey Head made after President Kennedy, the “make face” after Mr. Potato Head, and Mary Poppins.  If you are curious as to what other Pez characters were created, make the Museum of Pez Memorabilia a stop on your list of travels this year.
    2. Barbed Wire Museum-  Ever been walking around your property, looking at your barb wire fence and wonder how and when barbed wire was invented? Well, there’s a museum that talks all about that.  The Barbed Wired Museum in McLean, TX sits just off the iconic Route 66 and provides a full history on barbed wire.  How it was invented in the 1880’s and used in both world wars; it includes patent information, and pieces of wire from private collections from all over the world.  If you are into history, this is a good museum to visit because it takes you back from before the depression and gives you insight as to how it has been used over the years.
    3. Hobo Museum- I would have never thought they would make a museum based on the live of a hobo, but someone did and that’s why it’s on this list.  The Hobo Museum in Britt, IA is a museum dedicated to the lifestyle of a vagabond or drifter as they are sometimes referred.  The museum showcases drifter memorabilia, arts and crafts, photos and documentaries.  It even shares highlights from the lives of famous vagabonds like Frisco Jack, Connecticut Slim, and the Hard Rock Kid.  There is an annual Hobo convention held every year that celebrates the hobo lifestyle. If you are in the area, it would be an unusual and intriguing convention to check out!
    4. SPAM Museum- We’ve all heard of it but didn’t think it really existed. The Spam Museum in Austin, MN is actually a pretty popular tourist attraction.  Deemed the MOMA, or Museum of Meat themed Awesomeness, you’ll find facts about SPAM, the history behind it, even all the different kinds of SPAM ever made. They even have a shop where you can purchase your favorite can of SPAM. 
    5. Museum of Bad Art- Now most people don’t like to admit that they are bad artists, or want to deem a piece of art as being awful because they are wary of hurting an artist’s feelings.  However, this museum celebrates all things awful about these pieces of art.  The works that are featured in the Museum of Bad Art in Dedham Square, MA are pieces that you wouldn’t dare find in an art gallery in Manhattan.  No, these pieces are from artists who were having an “off day” or are works from beginner painters that hadn’t quite found their technique.  I feel like any painting I’ve ever done would be included in this museum, but that is the reason it is called art, because each piece is unique and different in its own way. So, stop on by and see if your skills or lack there of would make it into this museum.
    6. The Museum- Simply stated. The Museum in New York City is one of New York’s best kept secrets.  Situated inside a freight elevator off of Tribeca Street, this museum features some of the most unusual things you will ever find.  From plastic vomit, to a shoe thrown at President George W. Bush. A variety of toothpaste tubes to bulletproof Disney backpacks. This museum features things you wouldn’t even think existed. Here, you can look but don’t touch.  The whole museum is viewed through a peephole cut into a Plexiglas front with all the belongings behind it.  So, the next time you are in NYC, ask someone where “The Museum” is. If they know what you are talking about, it’ll be one you won’t forget.


    No matter what makes these museums unique or unusual or weird, they are all special in their own way.  So take a step out of the box this year and plan a trip to your favorite Weird American Museums.


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