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  • Published on Dec 30, 2015

    When you think of Santa Claus’s ride you think of the old fashion sleigh pulled by 12 prancing reindeer.  But what if Santa happened to ride around in a motorhome? What type of motorhome would he choose? Here’s what we think.

    In order for Santa to be comfortable riding around all night, stopping at millions of houses around the world, hauling all those presents for good boys and girls, he would need something large, comfortable, with a high hauling weight capacity right?  That’s why we think he’d have to go with a Class A luxury Motorhome!

    Now, there are several different types of Class A motorhomes from several different manufacturers that would all suit Santa’s needs just fine. Here’s a list of specifics we think he would have to have in his motorhome.

    1. Would have to be at least a 40 ft., diesel motorhome. Diesel is more fuel efficient than gas and Santa will definitely be covering many miles on his trips.
    2. He would need a comfortable cockpit complete with a top notch navigation system for all that driving he’ll be doing while delivering presents.
    3.  He would definitely need 2-3 slide-outs to accommodate the extra space needed for the elves.
    4. It would have to have tons of storage space underneath to hold all those gifts for the kids.
    5. Luxurious amenities inside like top of the line appliances. Think, hot cocoa machine for those cold winter nights, a large refrigerator and lots of cupboard space to hold all those milk and cookies that he loves so dearly.
    6. Queen size master bed in the large master suite for him and the Mrs.  If she’s going to be along for the ride she’s going to need to be comfortable.
    7. Large bathroom with large shower because, let’s face it, Santa isn’t a small guy.
    8. Large number of additional sleeping capacity for the elves to sleep in.
    9. Flat screen TV’s and electronic hookups galore so he can keep an eye on little boys and girls to see if they’ve been naughty or nice this year.
    10. Heavy towing capability – Santa’s sleigh and a trailer full of reindeer can get pretty heavy to haul around.

    What else do you think Santa would want in his Class A Motorhome?

    Tri-Am RV

    Tri-Am RV Center is top on Santa’s list for new and used RV’s.  We’ve got Class A and C motorhomes, travel trailers and fifth wheelers from top of the line manufacturers like Coachmen and Forest River. 

    Stop on by and let us help you find the RV of your dreams.  We’ve got locations in Bulls Gap, TN and Ocala, FL. Visit our website for more information.

    Happy Holidays from your friends at Tri-Am!!!

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