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  • Published on Jul 18, 2017
    Pet Care Travel Tips

    Okay all you pet lovers out there; we know it is more fun to take your furry friends along on road trips than to leave them at home with a sitter or to board them, especially, if they LOVE to travel. But, there are a few tips to keep in mind when traveling with pets.

    The ASPCA offers a great list of tips and tricks to keeping your pet safe before and during your travels.

    1.Before you go, have your pet microchipped in case they should happen to wander off or get separated from you. 

    2.Make sure your pet’s rabies vaccination and registration tags are up to date.

    3.If this is the first time they will be traveling, try taking them on several short car rides, gradually increasing the length of time each ride, to get them use to being in a moving vehicle.

    4.On the road, keep your pet secure in a crate or with a harness.  In the case of an abrupt stop, you don’t want to risk injury to your pet or yourself. 

    5.Pack a pet travel kit filled with food, bowls for water and food, leash, poop bags, any medications your pet might need, and a pet first aid kid.  Your veterinarian or local pet store can suggest basic items to pack if you are unsure.

    6.Pack some comforts from home; a favorite toy, pillow or blanket is a must to keep in their crate or close by should your pet get a little home sick or anxiety.

    7.Do NOT leave your pet alone in a hot vehicle.  If you have to stop anywhere, keep it short or take turns leaving someone behind with the animal.

    8.Make frequent stops for potty breaks and for a little exercise. Rest areas great to stop at and usually have some green space where your pet can run.

    9.Once you get to your destination, make sure you obey any rules the campground may have about pets.  Keep them on a leash, pick up after them, don’t let them run into other campsites, etc.

    10.Do not leave your pet chained outside at your campsite unattended.  It’s not safe in the case inclement weather should arise while you are away, and you wouldn’t want them barking or whining the whole time, disturbing other campers.

    11.Make sure they don’t wander where they aren’t welcome. Many people don’t mind furry friends wandering into their campsite and saying hello, but there are some that don’t care for cats or dogs.

    12.In the case of an emergency, beware of the closest veterinary hospital and keep a copy of your pets’ records on hand.

    Most importantly, HAVE FUN! If you are going somewhere that your pet can go, take them along! Hiking, walking, climbing, boating…these are all great outdoor activities that, if well behaved, your pet would enjoy!

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