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  • Published on Jul 27, 2016
    Explore Norris Dam State Park

    Norris Dam State Park

    There is a reason that so many national and state parks are listed on the registry for historical places, because so many of them are built and founded on a piece of American history.  In celebrating 100 years of national parks this year, we get to take a closer look at the history of these parks and educate ourselves on the importance they played in shaping our country. Norris Dam State Park in Tennessee is one of these parks listed on the national registry of historical places.


    Norris Dam State Park was named for a Nebraska senator by the name of George William Norris.  Senator Norris was a founder of the Tennessee Valley Authority in the 1930’s when the park was built.  The TVA was formed as a joint effort by Norris and President Franklin D. Roosevelt to provide economic development to the region after the great depression.  The Norris Dam would provide flood control and electricity generation to the Tennessee Valley. Today, after 80 years, the Dam is still functioning and provides hydroelectric and flood control on the Clinch River in Anderson and Campbell County.


    The park itself sits on over 4,000 acres of the Norris Reservoir and spans over 800 miles of shoreline along Norris Lake.  Visitors can enjoy ample opportunities for biking, hiking, boating, skiing and fishing.  There is a fully equipped Marina on Norris Lake where you can rent pontoon and houseboats to enjoy a day on the lake.


    There are 15 hiking trails within the park that range in difficulty.  The trails provide some of the best views of the lake, hills and surrounding valleys. Among many of these trails you will find 19 historic cabins which have been preserved from when the early pioneers lived in them while construction took place on the Dam. You can rent out these cabins for a nights stay. 10 of the 19 are deluxe cabins that come fully equipped with appliances, furniture, linens, you name it.


    If you prefer to camp on your own, there are 2 campgrounds within park- The east campground and the west campground. The east campground has 25 campsites with water and electric hookups, plus 10 primitive sites.  The west campground has 50 campsites with water and electric hookups.  There is a swimming pool within the campgrounds that is available for $5 per person or $3 for campers.  They offer activities and a playground for the kids as well.


    If you choose to visit and stay at Norris Dam State Park make sure to visit the Lenoir Museum.  There you’ll find artifacts as old as 12,000 years old all the way up to present day. Most artifacts depict life in the southern Appalachian Mountains and the ways of the old pioneers.  Also close by is the Rice Grist Mill, an old mill that was reconstructed on Clear Creek in 1935; and the Caleb Crosby Threshing Barn. Visitors can walk through both historic buildings and view how the old mill works and see vintage farm tools, plows and remnants of horse drawn wagons.


    Norris Dam State Park has so much for visitors to explore and do that you’ll walk away with a better appreciation for the park and the history it holds within its boundaries.  Plan your visit today. 

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