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  • Published on Apr 13, 2016
    How to Get Your Kids to Like Camping and RVing

    Let’s face it, many kids these days aren’t entertained unless they have some form of technology in front of them.  Whether it’s a smart phone, or tablet, or video game there’s always some type of gadget that keeps their attention. Gone are the days of kids harnessing their creative energies to come up with things to do on their own, away from the television and computer world.

    So, the question is how we get them to enjoy the same things we use to enjoy when we were kids; like playing outside, building forts, playing capture the flag with the neighbor kids, and even taking trips and spending nights camping. We’ve come up with a few ideas on how to get your kids to enjoy camping and rv’ing.

    1. Disconnect” them from the real world and “connect” them to the camping world- to some kids, the idea of going camping and being torn away from their precious video games, e-readers, and cell phones is the worst thing in the world! But, one way to get them over the idea of being “disconnected” is to “connect” them to the many camping gadgets available today.  There are so many products out there like gps systems and interactive navigational maps(let them be the navigator on road trips); all-in-one camping gadgets like knives and tool kits (if they are old enough and can safely handle them); camera phone adapters that snap and shoot amazing pictures with your smart phone let them take pictures; even solar chargers and water proof cases for their phones and tablets if they are allowed to bring them along(there are many camping apps for kids of all ages). The point is to show them that they don’t have to be “connected” all the time to have fun, and there are some cool gadgets that you get to use when camping.
    2. Make it fun and interactive! - Through the use of games and challenges, kids can be entertained for hours while on the road or camping at your favorite location.  You can turn anything into a game for kids to enjoy. On the road rv’ing? Pay the license plate game- See who can spot the most license plates from different states. Camping? See who can scour the campsite for the most things that don’t belong. They can look for things that may be unusual or don’t belong. For example: trash (also a good way to clean up the environment), lost items left behind from other campers, arrowheads, etc. Be sure to pack some rubber or latex gloves since they will be picking up dirty objects.
    3. Make it educational without them knowing it!- There is so much to see and learn about around a campsite. Different types of trees and leaves, different animals and insects, and even different how-to tasks such as how to make a campfire without a match. There are even apps for your smart phone that help you identify the different foliage in the area. Download LeafSnap app and take a hike near your campsite and see how many different types of leaves they can identify using the app. They will be learning about nature and not even realize it.  On the road? Take trips to historical places you’ll be passing by. Museums are a great way to get out and stretch your legs and learn about the history of art, or the history of the first automobile, or the history of mustard J for something fun and different. There are endless opportunities to teach your kids on the open road, so map out your stops along the way and make it fun and educational for everyone.
    4. Make memories that last! – Even though your kids may not appreciate it now, someday they will thank you for “forcing” them along on these road trips and camping trips and spending quality time together. Just remind them that not many kids get the same opportunities and they should make the best of it.  


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