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  • Published on Oct 15, 2015
    Florida Greenways and Trails Month

    Florida Greenways and Trails Month

    October is Florida Greenways and Trails Month.  Visitors and residents are invited to get out and explore the Sunshine State this month via hiking, biking, paddling, horseback riding, and so on.  There are a multitude of places to partake in such activities, but the Florida National Scenic Trail is a great place to start.  

    With over 1,000 miles spanning the great state of Florida, the Florida National Scenic Trail combines land and water adventures for the whole family.  There are different trails, guided tours, and activity options all along the FNST and all provided by the Florida State Parks Department. 

    One such adventure is the FNST combo adventure.  This takes you on a hiking and paddle trip along the trail.  Juniper Creek runs parallel to the FNST for 6 miles. You can paddle down the creek from Red Rock Road to Indian Ford Road and then hike back to your vehicle, or vice versa.  This makes for  full day of activity no matter which way you start and end your day. 

    Another great place for activity is Ocala National Forest.  You can visit or camp at the Lake Clearwater Recreation Area inside the Ocala National Forest.  Visitors can swim, paddle, or fish in this recreation area.  Also inside the forest is Alexander Springs Recreation Area.   Crystal clear water springs make up the beauty of this area.  Here you can swim, canoe, kayak and fish the beautiful waters and it is the only place you can scuba dive inside the forest.  Visitors come from all over to explore the springs.  

    The Florida National Scenic Trail runs through the Ocala National forest so visitors can hike, bike or even go horse back riding along the trail while visiting the forest.  Many visitors choose to camp for a few days to take in all the wonderful activities and outdoor adventures the trail has to offer. 

    Because of the usually hot and humid climate, October is a great month to get out and explore Florida. The weather is a comfortable 70-80 degrees during the day and a cool 50-60 degrees at night; perfect for spending the day and night outdoors.  So, take part in the Florida Greenways and Trails month and explore all that Florida has to offer. 

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