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  • Published on May 25, 2017
    Tips for Creating Instant Warmth and Coziness for Your RV Space

    It has been a bit rainy in Bulls Gap, Tennessee and we have been stuck inside more than we would like. We have been watching endless streams of movies, playing cards, board games and snacking. Spending time like this indoors isn’t bad- so long as it doesn’t last too long, which is why it helps a lot if your RV space is warm and cozy to hang out in. We have some tips for you on how to instantly cozy-up your RV space.

    Mood Lighting

    Try using LED lights or real candles to add warm, mood lighting. By spacing out a few around well-used areas of your RV, you start to get a warm and cozy effect on the whole space. You can also make simple DIY candle holders for your real or LED lights. For instance, if you are going for a beachy type theme you can take a glass (or plastic, but glass feels more homey) candle holder and fill it with some blue marbles/dragon tear glass beads and/or some seashells and then place the candle on top. Feel free to also add some ribbon around the outside of the candle holder for added decoration. This simple addition a candle holder really spruces up any space. Or, if you have young children or really like the stars you can purchase constellation candle holders that shine stars onto surrounding surfaces.  

    Decorations & Art

    Don’t forget to make you home on wheels feel like home. Remember when you moved into your first apartment or house and it just felt a bit dull? Well you added your favorite paintings, hand towels, rugs, pillows, throw blankets, etc. to spruce the place up and call it a ‘home’. Don’t forget to do this for your RV, as well. Picking out bedding and sheets that you love, is important, too. We spend long periods of time in our campers and thus adding our own decorations can really make it feel like home. Pick out your favorite accent colors and decorate your bedroom or living area with those colors. You can put cloth covers over your dining chairs as well as your couch. Be sure to also add your favorite throw pillows and blankets to the couch. Add a fun cooking rug to the kitchen. Be sure to have around your favorite novels, movies and games for when there is downtime or when you are stuck inside. Don’t forget to add pictures of your family and friends around the RV.

    Real China and Glass

    Don’t just stick to plastic cups and paper plates. It really adds to the experience and homeyness of the RV if you are using real dinner plates and wine glasses. If you just make sure to package these properly they’ll travel just fine in your camper. For glasses use a wine-box lined with foam to a create a wine, champagne & cognac glass holder. For your plates, be sure to line your cupboards with non-slip liner material and put non-slip plate separators between all of your real plates. 

    A Touch of Life

    Add flowers and plants! Not only are they beautiful but they will also help your RV smell amazing. You can also use incense burners if you want a specific scent. Plants improve air quality and look beautiful and inviting. Plants help to boost your mood and lower stress levels. If you are worried about the plant life dying quickly, look into desert plants that don’t need a lot of caretaking. The touch of bountiful green and color around the RV really helps make the space bright and cheerful.


    One of the best ways to make a space feel like home is by making the windows your own. Showcase your style by adding new window dressing. This will improve the way the space feels while also helping with temperature control.

    Closet Hangers

    Instantly class up your closet by getting rid of old or plastic hangers and replacing them with nice wooden hangers. Not only will these look great and make you feel great, but they are actually better for your clothes. 


    While an RV doesn’t have many doors going to the outside or into other rooms, there are typically a lot of cabinet doorknobs. Be sure to replace these with knobs that you love. Investing in some nice stainless steel or glass doorknobs can make a huge difference in the space feeling like a home.

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