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  • Published on Oct 27, 2016
    An RV Halloween

    Halloween is becoming one of the most celebrated holidays across the country, falling just shy of Christmas and Thanksgiving, and there’s no question as to why! It’s a way for people to turn their yards into scary graveyards, and haunted houses; kids and adults get the chance to dress up in any costume they want; there are parades all over the country; and it’s the one day of the year its OK to splurge on candy (and boy do we ever!) . But if you are wondering, “how do I get to participate in all the fun and thrills of Halloween if I live or travel in an RV?” Well, we’ve got the best tips and tricks on Halloween décor for your campsite, games, and crafts so you’re sure to make the best of your Halloween this year.


    Halloween Décor for your RV or Campsite


    RV: RV’s are perfect for setting up your own personal haunted house and decorating as your favorite ghost or goblin.  If you think about it, the front of an RV kind of looks like a face. So if you are brave enough, you can do like these people did and paint the front of your RV like your favorite Halloween monster. Frankenstein on the move! 

    You could buy some fake spider’s web from the craft store and turn your RV into a spider’s web complete with giant spider.

    You can dress up your curtains on the inside of the windshields and paint (or use construction paper) like eyeballs like this RV.







    Campsite: Campgrounds are perfect backdrops for Halloween décor. Camping in the woods can be spooky enough at times, but you can make it even spookier by turning your campsite into a graveyard, or haunted house experience. Check out what these campers did….


    Campsite Halloween Games

    Fun, haunting games are always a hit with the kids and adults too! Here are a couple you could play on Halloween this year.

    Halloween Scavenger Hunt: the object of the game is to find as many things as you can that have to do with Halloween. The person with the most check off their list in a certain amount of time gets a prize! Here’s an example:


    Halloween Trick or Treat Tree: Buy a fake scary tree form the craft store and little pumpkin pails to hang from the branches. Fill the pails with either candy or these printable trick cards  For the game: have the kids pick a pail from the tree, if they pick a treat, they can keep it and eat it. If they pick a trick, they have to perform the trick in order to get the treat. This game is great for those younger kids too! 


    Halloween Crafts


    Make your own scary lanterns! Using empty milk jugs, have kids paint scary faces on the outside, just like they would a pumpkin. Use colored glow sticks to light up the inside. You can set them around your campsite for fun or use it to light a walk way. 


    We hope that you enjoy these examples and can get a few ideas for your RV halloween. For other examples of Halloween decorating, crafts, and games there are plenty of suggestions on the web. 


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